Malary's Fashion Network

Women Clothing Boutique

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Located in the heart of Cloverdale, BC, Malary's Fashion Network offers the rare combination of boutique selection and customer service, providing a world-class special occasion shopping experience.


Develop a website that features seasonal collections and events for the boutique.

My Role

Responsive Web Design, Web Development and Graphic Design



Done as part of an agency, I was responsible for the design and development of the website. I designed a few mock-ups that quickly got approved by the client and proceeded to code and integrate the website to WordPress. To this day the site is still running to promote events and new collections, as well as blog posts and the owner's other brands.

1. Home Page

malarys homepage

2. Page Layouts

malarys layouts

3. Responsiveness - Tablet & Mobile

malarys mobile

4. Style Guide

malarys style guide

5. Banners

I was also responsible for creating seasonal collections banners. These custom graphics and collages were made using Photoshop. Here's a showcase of some of them:

malarys banners

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